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About Judah (he/him/his)

Judah is a proud Corvallis resident and local business owner. Judah is a two-time award winning attorney primarily working in the area of juvenile public defense. Judah has been long involved in local advocacy including serving as the co-chair of the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association Juvenile Committee and recently was elected to serve on the board for TransPonder. 

Judah was the first openly transgender student at University of Oregon School of Law and has been advocating for the queer and trans community for nearly twenty years. He provides trainings and consultations for national audiences, state agencies, local non-profits, and private businesses. Judah also has a long history of advocacy other areas of system injustice and discrimination including: racial justice, disability justice, gender equality, reproductive rights, religious discrimination, and income inequality.

In his free time, Judah loves to enjoy all that the great outdoors have to offer along with his spouse, Megann, and their three dogs. 

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